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Calling web service after pause

Question asked by paramdeep.singh on May 19, 2015

Hi Guys,


I am facing an issue that most seems to be an environment issue but I will really appreciate if someone can give any solution to the below problem.


I have a requirement where I need to put a delay using nintex 2010 ( before performing "Call Web Service" or "Web Request Action". If I do not put any delay then the action executes perfectly fine, but as soon as I enable the pause then the Call Web Service action gives the error "Unable to connect to the remote server". Now I know that the pause action causes the user context to move under System Account. But I checked on my local development environment and it worked fine even after pause, so I can assume that even if the context moves under System Account, Nintex was still able to execute the call. So what could be the potectial issue on my production environment.


Please note that the same works fine if there is no pause. So what happens at the backend when it is trying to execute the action under System Account?



Paramdeep Singh