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Is it possible to set up column level permission?

Question asked by zhangyajiao on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by zhangyajiao

Hi Guys,


In our sharepoint list, we have a column called "Internal Notes", this column should only be available by IT Management. Is it possible to set up the permission only for the column "Internal Notes". I noticed that it's possible to hide columns by using rules (but no validation function available for checking if the current user is in a member of "IT Management"). For the Control setting (of the input field), there's a Appearance section where I can set up the visible condition to "expression", here checking if current user is a member of specific group is available.


What I would like to have is

In new mode: Internal Notes is available

In Edit or Display mode: only available for the CreateBy and "IT Management" group.


Could you please suggest how to define the "Expression" condition? Your help would be highly appreciated.