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issues with build string action

Question asked by ssssss on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2015 by jdalhoff

Dear Everyone,


I built an approval workflow:

1. Create a SharePoint list named Email Templates, to configure Email Subject, Email Body (Multiple lines of text,



2. Create a SharePoint list named Tracking list

3. Build a list workflow in the Tracking list by using Nintex Workflow 2013

     3.1 Get Email Body from the Email Templates list by using Set variable action

     3.2 Build a string by using Build String action

    3.3 Add a Request Approval action and configured as below


After running the workflow, I got email notification as below:


Seem the Email Subject is ok, the email body seem doesn't work.


This workflow worked fine on SharePoint 2010, but doesn't work on SharePoint 2013.

Please help to give me solutions to solve this issue.


Many Thanks,