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How to pass list-content to a REST-based Web API call and receive a document through Nintex?

Question asked by hkhodiar on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by hkhodiar

Hello All,

I am pretty new to Nintex, but have developed a couple of good workflows with help from this community.Thanks!


Our current scenario is, that users would request for a report through SharePoint (2013) List - which would be picked up by a Nintex Workflow and turned into a REST-based service call to our Web API - the API would service the request and respond with a word document (docx) report.


The document is meant to be received by the workflow and stored in a pre-configured SharePoint library.

We are investigating possible options on performing this operation. Also would be good to know if there's a better way of getting this done.


Out of available actions, the 'Call Web Service' action does not seem feasible based on the description. The 'Web Request' action might work, but would need some more direction to get it working.


We are unable to find information on Nintex-based actions for:

  1. Passing List-data in JSON format to pass onto a web API request.
  2. Receiving a file/memory stream content and storing it in a document library.


Would appreciate any help/guidance on this.


PS: I have seen the read the detailed blog-post How to execute a SP2013 REST API request with Nintex Workflow  but it does not help in our specific case.


Thanks in advance.