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Three levels cascading lookup?

Question asked by jflegras on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by anithamoota

With the last 2.6 version of Forms (On Prem), I'm trying to do a three levels cascading dropdown :


States List

State : Text Dield


Regions List

Region :Text Field

State : Lookup Field


Cities List

City : Text Field

Region : Lookup Field


Customer List

In the form, I have three lookup list fields to choose step by step the city (states, region, city)


  • The first lists all states
  • The second lists regions filtered by state(no problem)
  • The third lists cities filtered by region (no result)


I tried some tests :

  • If I filter cities based on a text box where I enter manually the region, it's ok.
  • If I filter cities  based on the first field, it's ok.


(In fact, I wanted to just measure performance of the list lookup without page refresh : fetch almost 900 cities from 36.000 in 500ms. Awesome!!!)