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Update Item in List action causing error

Question asked by tachi on May 13, 2015
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I am trying to use a workflow to update an item in a different list on the same site.


The items in the list I am trying to update have unique item_id's. The column type is a single line of text.


In the workflow I have a variable in a for loop which will build a matching item id for each item it loops through.


The item id's are: item name space item date space user_full_name


ie item id =document name 28/05/2015 9:00 AM some body


In the Update Item in list action.

I select the list, set where to list item_id = variable item_id then select the field I want to update.


I have an email action just above this update action to send me the contents of the variable item_id.


The update list action always causes the workflow to error with no message.


The email action is sending me correct item_id's that match the items_id's in the list.


If I edit the update list action and manually type one of the emailed item_id's from the variable the update list action works fine, although will only update 1 item in the list.


Any idea's?