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Nintex form features.

Question asked by ptpasha on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by ptpasha

I am new to nintex forms... Trying to find out the following:

Does Nintex Form have controls that allow to query rows from a pre-populated list and allow updates to just one field on multiple records out of the box?

what does Nintex workflow report functionality provide us by activating  under share point site settings?

Does Nintex form allow query of records from relational tables?

Can you define control on forms by defining rules - say for an example show "Display only" form if user is x, show "Update form" if user is y or show Create form for other users based on some condition. Or is it just controlled by user permissions on the list the form exposes? If user x has view or read permission then form is view only and if update permission is allowed the form allows update of data etc.

Thank you