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Nintex Workflow error "Cannot find item with id"

Question asked by skrueck on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 24, 2018 by pdemro

Hi to all.


I have a SharePoint 2013 forms library. Users are filling a form and after it is saved an approval workflow starts. A few persons have to approve the form. Basic flow of the workflow: task is assigned to user, he/she clicks on approved and afterwards the initiator gets an info email.
Sometimes there are problems with sending the notification mail. Workflow runs in state “Error” with following message: Failed to send notification. Cannot find item with id 132 in list 'Listname'. Check the user has at least read permissions.
Item with ID 132 is the item itself on which the workflow is running. Seems to me as if the workflow cannot find its own item and as a consequence workflow is not able to determine the Initiator property.

Of course all users have at least read permissions.
Can anyone help?



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