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Can I trigger the user to answer a question within the context of the Document Set?

Question asked by harmsze on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2017 by rhia

My client is managing dossiers in Document Sets. From time to time, they edit the properties of a Document Set and upload a document. When they make a change, a Nintex workflow captures a version of the Document Set (to document the change), and an e-mail is sent to a stakeholder (to communicate the change).


However, some of these change are "real", but other changes are cosmetic: fixing a typo etc. And we don't want to start the workflow for these cosmetic changes. So I don't want to set the workflow to start when items are modified.


What I would like to offer my client is something like this: when they modify the properties of the Document Set or upload a document into the Document Set, they see a pop-up or similar trigger directly in the context of the Document Set, asking them if they want to start the workflow.

Can anyone help me find out what is the best way to achieve that?


If I create a (part of a workflow) that starts when the item is modified and then asks the question whether they want to document and communicate the change, that will send an e-mail and/or create a task. But by then, the user has left the document set and they have moved on to other things and that is sub-optimal...