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How to get selected value of drop down list and person/group picker into another label in the Nintex form?

Question asked by swethasan on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by gerardh

So am working on a business card request system and want to generate a preview for users who submit their requests. I would like to get the value from form items display in the sections of the business card shown below.

In InfoPath I would go about doing this with 'Set value for field' action on the controls where I want values from. I am creating a panel in the form and added some image and text in it on the left side. Its the dynamic employee name, department and address that I would need to generate the complete preview.

I tried dragging and dropping the controls again and it obviously didn't work for me(I wonder why! )

So reaching out! Thanks in advance!!


NintexFieldValue to Label.png

Emily Billing This is what I was curious about. I figured I could ask a clearer question(?!?) with picture instead of my vague,'hey I want this in that so how do I go about getting that for this'!


And, Nintex for O365 rocks! burkslm