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Workflow to have a Publishing Process on a List

Question asked by wimvdv on May 11, 2015
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I was requested to implement the following business process using Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow.

Data is collected (Using Nintex Forms) and stored in a custom list.


As long as the requestor or the person who has created the "form" (data) hasn't confirmed his inputs it stays in a draft status.

(No one can see the form/data) (State is draft with minor versions)

Once submitted a group of approvers all need to approve the form so it becomes the first major version and is visible for all users.

(State is first major publication)

In a later stage only the requestor can again make changes to the data which should not be visible for anyone before they are approved again. (State first major + drafts) The drafts are only visible for the requestor and approvers once submitted again by the requestor.

After the process is again completed all users see major version 2.


This is in fact the standard behavior of a SharePoint publishing approval process on a document library.

Does anyone have an idea how to apply this for a list with data?


Thanks in advance!