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form list view filtered by control

Question asked by darth_da on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 23, 2016 by mbayoumi


I've been trying to use a list view control on a form, which I want to filter based on a calculated value from the form, however the filtering is not working and returns all records from the list.


What we're trying to create is a page to enter target information where a user would first select a door and week, if there is already an entry for the selected door/week combination, we hide the entry boxes and want to direct them to editing the existing entry. We originally intended on giving them a view of the list filtered to where the item is created by them, but this isnt sufficent as seveal users would need access to enter/edit the information for any given door/week combination (but there would be some doors they are not allowed access to so there does need to be some restriction).


We have also tried addiing a link to the existing item in a label on the form, but this doesnt allow us to use a named control as part of the formula.


Any ideas as to why the list view filter doesnt work?