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Iterating through multiple collections at the same time

Question asked by jpinkney on May 10, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by mlauer

Hello, I'm currently trying to develop a workflow that tracks data sheets and emails someone if they have expired (after 3 years) so they can update them. However, I've currently ran into a problem. What I'm currently trying to do is query the list and get all of the names of the documents as well as all of the data sheets dates but I have no way of iterating through both lists at the same time and then sending and email after each iteration. The reason why I need to iterate through both collections is that I need to first compare to see if it is expired and then if it is I need to email the name of the document to someone. Hopefully I'm clear enough but if I'm not here is a pseudo-code workflow of whats going on


1. querylist -> gets the name of the documents and the creation dates

2. for-each loop -> currently only running through creation date collection (unsure how to go through the name collection as well)

    3. (in the loop) run if -> checks if the document is expired or not

    4. (in the loop) email notification -> emails someone telling the document is expired (I can't get the name of the document)


There may be a simpler way of doing this but I'm very new to nintex so i'm not sure of all the tricks yet.