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How to create Workflow to send a summery Task list.

Question asked by mrinmoydas on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2015 by mrinmoydas

Hi, we have application that can create a number of task at
a single time (50 or more) based on template. These task usually have a
Preparer, Reviewer. We have a very basic SharePoint designer workflow that
initiate email based on Item =created to notify the preparer that as task has
been created.


The drawback of this that it sends 1 email per item. So, if
the preparer have 100 task for example he will get 100 email at one time. No
one likes that many email at one go so we pretty much can’t use the

I am wondering is there a way to create a workflow that will
send email to preparer a summary of all the task has been assigned to him
rather than one per item. For example, there are 100 task created for one preparer,
and we want to send a single email notification to the preparer with all the
100 task link.

Is this very hard to achieve using nintex workflow?


Thanks a lot for your help.