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Using DocuSign Connector actions with multiple signers

Question asked by lnordlinger on May 7, 2015
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I am using the DocuSign (DS) populate template action, retrieve envelope status and download
document actions. The WF is working great.


  • Begins by populating a  SharePoint list
  • Send document offer letter to candidate
  • Candidate reviews, signs and submits document
  • WF poles DS waiting for document to be complete
  • One document is complete and returned to DS the DS Download Document action grabs the doc and puts it
         in an SP doc lib.


This all works well and is very cool.


The part that I have not figured out yet is how to have the Recruiter (the one who sends the
document to the Candidate) sign the document after the candidate has signed and
returned the document but before the WF grabs the document and puts it in SP.


It is working great when I have only one signature, ie. that of the recipient, the person I am
sending the contract to.