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Error Query Excel Services

Question asked by darren1372 on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2017 by c.odegard

I have created a form with start and end date binded fields. I want to use the form as part of a holiday leave request app.

Therefore I have uploaded an Excel Spread sheet that is using the -=NETWORKDAYS fx to omit weekends and chosen holidays. I have set the date column (A3) and (B3) in the excel spreadsheet to short date (08/05/2015)  and the result field (f5)  to number.

In my SharePoint list I'm using a date and time column type for start and end date columns, with only date chosen (no time)

I've uploaded the excel spreadsheet to a document library called "Excel".


To note, I am doing this on a Nintex trial site. Both the site collection and site feature for excel services has been activated.


In my workflow on the list I have added a Query Excel function as configured below:




I hit run now and test the connection and result turns OK for connection, but when I put the two dates in for cells A3 and B3 respectively and click execute it returns an error, see below:



My Excel Spreadsheet: