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Flexi Task should wait for all respond

Question asked by arockiaraj on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on May 7, 2015 by arockiaraj

Hi All


     I just started to work on the Nintex workflow.


     Now I need help on my project. I need to assign a parallel  Flexi Task for multiple users. There are two outcome one Reviewed and another is Not Interested in Review. if someone select Reviewed  and its consider as Approved and if someone select  Not Interested in Review its also consider as Approved but not Rejected this will be capture in store in list.


Basically it should get all respond from the reviewers, not to skip the process like not required.


I have checked with "


Say I have 3 Reviewer, 1st selects the option  Not Interested in Review then workflow is getting completed but is suppose to get information form other 2 Reviewers and other Reviewer are getting outcome as "Not Required". If the 1st reviewer selecting Reviewed then its workflow wait for other Reviewer to review.


Please give any suggestions


Thanks and Regards