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How to fire OOTB Nintex form validation using jQuery?

Question asked by harikrishnanp on May 7, 2015

I want OOTB Nintex form validation to be done on another button click .  On Submit button the validation is done using this function NWF.FormFiller.Functions.ProcessFormsValidation. But when I try to call the function like this on a button click


if (!NWF.FormFiller.Functions.ProcessFormsValidation(this, 'NfValidationGroupctl00ctl42gc42d8a02b75c435db7b6ccafa192d578ctl00ListForm2formFiller', function () {  })) { return false; }


nothing is happening it's returning a true always.


When I updated the code like this


if (!NWF.FormFiller.Functions.ProcessFormsValidation(this, 'NfValidationGroupctl00ctl42gc42d8a02b75c435db7b6ccafa192d578ctl00ListForm2formFiller', function () {  })) { return false; };WebForm_DoPostBackWithOptions(new WebForm_PostBackOptions("ctl00$ctl42$g_c42d8a02_b75c_435d_b7b6_ccafa192d578$ctl00$ListForm2$formFiller$FormView$ctl81$0acb7702_0447_4cd9_81cf_6e7ce70639b9", "", true, "NfValidationGroupctl00ctl42gc42d8a02b75c435db7b6ccafa192d578ctl00ListForm2formFiller", "", false, false))


It is validating the controls and displays the message on top ,but it's not highlighting the controls with the error

Is there any documentation on this? OR someone can guide me on how to imitate OOTB Nintex validation on a button click.