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Question About Conditional Starts

Question asked by jeff on May 6, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 19, 2015 by jeff

SharePoint 2010 Nintex list workflow.

I'm setting it to start conditionally when a list item changes.

The condition I'm testing is whether the previous value of a field against the value of the field.


I notice when I do this and test by changing the value in an edit form (e.g. I edit the SharePoint list item), that when I click to save the form, there is no response for a very long time...10-15 seconds. I'm tempted to click the save button again and sometimes do. Is Nintex somehow holding the form open to somehow access previous values or something?


The conditional test seems to NOT work when I change the list value through another workflow, I see that the workflow tries to start for a very long time (status says "Starting"...and very long time is maybe 2 minutes?) and then the workflow fails with a message "Failed to start workflow. The server is not licensed. Server name is: [the server name]" (we have a license...I promise!)


When I go back to modify that workflow to not test for a conditional start, everything works fine. The edit form submits normally, and the workflow runs when the list item is changed via another workflow.


Does this sound about right?