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Regular expressions and multiple capture groups

Question asked by jjczopek on May 6, 2015
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I have workflow with a text variable, which looks similar to that:


Settlement Date-2b


I'm interested in the first part, which is the "Settlement Date" as well as the number with the sign that is following the text. I have came up with the following regular expression:




It has two capturing groups, that should capture the parts I want. When I run the regex with this value in a C# console application, I get 3 groups:


Settlement Date-2b


Settlement Date


But when I run the same expression in "Regular expression" action in workflow, only one group is extracted, and it's the complete value of the input text:




Is it possible to use use capturing groups in Nintex? If not, then only solution would be to split the operation into two actions - one extracting the first part, and second for the number with sign?