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Custom reports for enterprise reporting

Question asked by sirtobi on May 4, 2015

Hi all,


we are developing some workflows with Nintex Workflow 2010 for SharePoint 2010 for a customer of us. One requirement is to have a custom Workflow Enterprise Report available as a web part on a page. I´ve already found out that adding a stored procedure to the Nintex database (by SQL Server Management Tool) and adding a new report XML definition (by SharePoint Central Administration) will work for us. On a test system we already implemented this and it worked fine.


What we are wondering about is, if this approach is a valid way to deploy custom reports. Is there still an unlimited support for Nintex Workflow even if we "modify" the Nintex Workflow database or are we loosing your support then? And even if our approach is not a supported way, how can we implement custom Nintex Enterprise reports.


Another question is, what happens with our custom stored procedure when a Nintex Upgrade is being performed? Do we need to add the stored procedure again after upgrading the Nintex Workflow database or will the Stored Procedure still be available even after an upgrade of the database?


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