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Sending e-mail after updating a list (++)

Question asked by fernando.hennequin on May 4, 2015
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Hey There guys! So, this is the first time i'm using this program so sorry for any inconvenience.

Right now i'm the "learning-on-the-fly" guy so what I need is quite simple but requires a little of urgency.


So I used to do this in the SPD but my company policy now only allows Nintex, so Lets learn it!

My teammate have a list that she uses to create some kind of "internal ticket list" of some sort. So, in order to warn the guy she want to adress the "ticket", she creates a "new ticket" in the list and insert his e-mail on a field inside the list.

What I want to do is: When the ticket is done creating, send an e-mail to this adress inside this field in the list (Inception?) with something like "hey dude! i have an ticket for you" (of course more polite but way less fun).


I got the manual but there is nothing specific for this kind of help, and trying to search "send e-mail list" in the foruns didn't help ether so sorry for double posts (I know some people hate it)


Oh, one last thing, maybe there is a guide out there but I didn't found out... But can someone create a "Simple and easy things / tricks in Nintex" with this kind of answers? That would be awesome, things small and simple compiled in one work that can and will help people like me, who only need this powerfull workhouse for small things


Thanks for your help and sorry for any english problems up there!


Kind Regards,




PS: If it's hard to understand, I can try post some photos with pink arrows and MS Paint awesomeness