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Workflow error diagram of workflow is inaccurate, when following the link in the workflow error message.  How do I get the display to match the current workflow.

Question asked by on May 1, 2015

SP 2010

When an error occurs in a workflow, we have the system send us the OOB error message, which helps tremendously for debugging.

The message contains a link to the workflow, but when following the link, I'm presented with a workflow diagram color-coded with the steps the workflow processed to the point of the error, but the diagram is terribly inaccurate


The diagram of the workflow might be related to an older version, but sometimes is just truncated to one or two graphic boxes, though there are many more steps in the actual workflow.


Where it does display more, it seems like the diagrams are prior to version 10, though we might be up to version 21 of that particular workflow.


How do I get the display to match the published version of the workflow?