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Why do I see two scroll bars on each of my multi-line text fields when reviewing a form that was submitted?

Question asked by jr204 on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 22, 2016 by scalawagd

I am newer to Nintex Forms and Workflows, and am trying to build a simple form to request an email search, with a basic workflow for approval.  In that the workflow does not actually search the emails, just sends a request along for approval so someone could then manually review the request and retrieve the email for the user.


I have a few fields where users can enter the To: and From: addresses, and I used multi-line text boxes to gather the input.  Everything appears to work properly when submitting the form, but when I receive an email notification with a ContextItemURL link to review the form I just submitted, I see two scroll bars alongside each multi-line text box instead of one (see Capture1).


The leftmost scroll bar for each control scrolls through the text normally.  The rightmost scroll bar, however, shifts the leftmost scroll bar (and the enclosed text) up and down when I scroll with it.  It almost as if there is a multi-line text box within another multi-line text box.

For a better idea of what I mean, see Capture2.  The text box on the left is what I see after scrolling down on the rightmost scroll bar.  The box on the right is how both controls looked when the page first loaded.


At some point I probably made the boxes smaller, so I've tried resizing them to see if that helps.  I also recreated the controls on that particular form but the issue still persists.


After sending an email to the submitter, the workflow then provides the approver with the task form to approve the item.  On the task form, the text boxes are showing as I'd like them to (see Capture3), I'm just not sure what changes I'd need to make to the original form to achieve the desired results.


Has anyone else encountered this or does anyone know what could potentially be causing the problem?  If you need any additional clarification, please let me know.

Thanks much!!