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Default Values Using Javascript

Question asked by andrew_valentine on Apr 30, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by franco89

Hi Everyone,


I have a form that has 2 choice controls that are being used as 'tabs'.

I need each choice control to default to 'Job Details' every time the form is opened.


It seems I need more than just setting their default values and have tried the below code:



var tab = NWF$("#"+mainTabButton);

tab.val('Job Details');



My goal is to have 'mainTabButton' (Client ID for JavaScript) and my 'AuthTab' (Client ID for JavaScript) to default to the value of 'Job Details' everytime the form is opened.



- Both 'tab' controls are choice controls on the form

- Both 'tab' controls are not connected to a list item (they are used for tab purposes only)

- Both 'tab' controls have JS Client ID names saved in their advanced options


I no longer get any debugging error messages with the code above, however it does not work. No errors, and no sign of anything happening.


Hope someone can help me