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Starting a Workflow

Question asked by maryjunge on Apr 27, 2015
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I am new to SharePoint Nintex Workflow. I am trying to create a workflow off a list of employees with training dates. If the training date is going to expire in 90 days, I want to notify the employee. I got the workflow to run initially, but now I cannot get it to run. I am using the "Start Workflow" instruction with the "Start Immediately" circle checked. The workflow with run if something is modified or changed, but I want it to run if I just decide to run it. I am not sure if I created the correct empty variables to put data in, but I created a "collection" variable and also a "ListItemID" variable type. My workflow consists of three basic steps. 1. Query List 2. For Each and 3. send notification. I am not sure if "Call Web Services" is needed, but since it ran initially I am hoping not. I have tried inserting the "Start Workflow" action at the beginning of the workflow and also as a separate workflow, but I still cannot get the workflow to start. Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated!!