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Custom JavaScript variable declaration fails when the value have special characters

Question asked by akatla on Apr 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 28, 2015 by akatla

Hi there,


Environment: SharePoint on-premise 2013 and Nintex Forms 2013


I have a custom function in which I have a simple variable declaration:

var bulletinTitle = Title;


When user inputs the Title value as: 2015 Guest Experience Information" Pack

The page does not load as the JavaScript files to load because of the following error:


     SyntaxError: missing ; before statement


var bulletinTitle = 2015 Guest Experience Information" Pack;


I tried all the options such as:

  • var bulletinTitle = "Title";
  • var bulletinTitle = 'Title';  // The above example works here but fails when user have Single Qoute in the title '
  • var bulletinTitle = fn-Replace(Title, '"', '\"');


Does anyone came across this and how did you fix it ?


Thanks in advance.