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How to Populate a Nintex form field (Richtext) value with a lookup field.

Question asked by akatla on Apr 23, 2015
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Hi there,


I need some technical advise on the following task.

I would like to know if Nintex form could achieve the requirement, if yes then how ?


Environment: SharePoint on-premise 2013 and Nintex Forms 2013


Task: I have 2 lists: ListA, ListB.

ListA - is an OOTB SharePoint list with 2 columns: Title (Single line of text) and Template (HTML richtext type)

ListB - is Nintex customized form with 2 columns: Template (Lookup to the Title field of the ListA) and a Content (HTML richtext type) and a Nintex Button on the form to Populate the Content field with Template value from the ListA based on the Lookup field selected on the form.


I had tried the options (jQuery) I could think of and nothing seems to be working.


Thanks in advance.