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How do I capture the right value from a SharePoint List?

Question asked by t27046 on Apr 22, 2015



I have a roster set up within SharePoint with the following fields:


  1. Start Date (Date Field)
  2. End Date (Date Field)
  3. Name – (Choice Menu with three names in it)


So as an example, I have the following roster set up in a SharePoint list.


Start Date

End Date




Peter Davis



John Smith



Fred Nurks


I populate the above fields manually but I want a site workflow set up that emails out who is on the roster for this week.


e.g. email notification stating something like %Name% is on roster from %Start Date% to %End Date%

(Peter Davis is on roster from 20/4/2015 to 26/04/2015)


I want to schedule the workflow that runs on every Monday at 10am.  I can do that but I don’t know how to select the correct value from the name field?


Basically the workflow needs to run through the list and then add the value from the Name field to a variable when the Start Date (always on a Monday) equals the date when the workflow runs (always runs on a Monday).


I tried using Query Lists and Collections but not sure how to use them properly?  Are you able to tell me what I need in the workflow to get this
to work? 


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.