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JavaScript Auto Select

Question asked by andrew_valentine on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 6, 2015 by andrew_valentine

This is maybe a simple thing to fix but I'm a little up against time.


I have two 'Choice Controls' which are being used as 'Tabs'. These choice controls are the same other than one additional option to the second choice control. Only one choice control is visible at any time (created rules on the choice controls).


When opening the form for a 'new item' the 'maintab' is by default on 'Job Details' and so is the hidden 'AuthorisationTab'. As such, I have placed a rule on the Job Details panel to only show when both tabs have 'Job Details' selected. This works.


The problem occurs when I have used a workflow to import jobs from an 'Import' list. All of the information is entered where it should be but when I open the form the tabs, the panels, everything is all haywire.


What I thought would fix the problem is for JavaScript to automatically select 'Job Details' on both 'maintab' and 'authtab' every time the form is opened. These controls already have their default values as 'job details' but after workflowing information into the list it seems to ignore this.


These choice controls are not connected to a field in the list, they are for tab purposes only. They do have client IDs though to use for JavaScript.


I may figure it out in the next few attempts, but if not hopefully someone can provide some example code to help me fix this silly problem.


Thank you,