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Forms connect 2 fields to the same column

Question asked by kristofvangils on Apr 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by kristofvangils

Hi all,


I have a divisions field in my SharePoint list which has the following values: All, div1, div2, div3. Business rule says that if you pick All you cannot pick the other values. You can pick more values, eg. div1, div2, div3 together, as long as All isn't picked.


Since you can't pick All together with other values I create a checkbox field with a Soure view which returns All as the only option. I also added a second checkbox control which is also based on a source view that excluded the All value but returns all the other option (div1, div2, div3).The type of the column in the SharePoint list is a lookup to a divisions list.


When I open up the form to update an existing list item the value of the control which is furthest of the pasge is saved. Since All checkbox is above the Divisions checkboxes only a division was stored.


Anyone with an answer or tips? Appreciate it!