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Nintex 365 Workflow Email Attachments - Cant Find Answers

Question asked by andrew_valentine on Apr 14, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2016 by eharris04

Hello everyone,


I have Nintex 365 running for SharePoint online and I am wanting to send an email with attachments.


I've spent a long time online trying to find answers but I still have no answers.


My email looks a lot like this:


TO: Helpdesk

Subject: {Current Item: Job Number}:{Current Item: Site Name}

Body: Please find attachments here: {Current Item: Attachments}


The finished product looks like this:


FROM: no-reply@mycompany

subject: NE15013:00003 : Water Houses (RES)

Body: Please find attachments here: TRUE.


Instead of showing "TRUE" for attachments how do I actually attach these documents?

The workflow is linked to a LIST with ATTACHMENTS field. There are usually more than one attachment and the form was built in Nintex forms 365.


Hope someone can help me.


Best Regards,