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Text Field to People Picker (List)

Question asked by agrod on Apr 13, 2015
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Hello all!

I have a long list of users which were imported out of a  database into a SharePoint List and "mapped" to Objects.


for example:

Object    Name

______  ______

Object1  Name1
Object2  Name2
Object3  Name3
Object4  Name4



Now I´d like to add a new People Picker column to use a filter via ContentQuery Webpart [ME].


for example:

Object    Name      NamePP

______  ______   ________

Object1  Name1    Name1
Object2  Name2    Name2
Object3  Name3    Name3
Object4  Name4    Name4

              [Textfield] [People Picker]


Is there a way to fill the column "NamePP" as a PeoplePicker with the names out of the column "Name?