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Sending notification prior to an expiry date

Question asked by sunilbe on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2015 by gman

Dear Community,


In my WF, I have a requirement to send an email notification 6 months before an expiry date. The expiry_date is a list column and would be supplied by the user, so I get the value in my Nintex WF directly.


However, I'm a little confused about what's the best approach to do this. My current approach is:


1.  Create a new workflow variable called "Reminder_date" and use the Calculated date action to subtract 6 months from my expiry_date and store the date in Reminder_date.

2. Use an inline function DateDiffDays(expiry_date,Reminder_date) and store the difference in another variable(say, difference_days).

3. Check if difference_days < 180 then send the email notification.


I've already done step 1. I'm not sure what action are best suited for Step 2 and 3. Any help is mush appreciated.