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add custom field and value to FlexiTask

Question asked by cojack80 on Apr 10, 2015
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Dear Nintex users,

Is het possible to add a custom field and value to a Nintex FlexiTask.? (Before the outcome of the task is selected)

For example I would like to add a SharePoint document id into my FlexiTask.

I use Nintex to route a document to 5 different deparments.

And the workflow creates 5-8 tasks per document.

I would like to create a SharePoint page with connected webparts so that I can select one document and see all the open/completed tasks.

But before I can create the connected webpart I need a reference key between my document and my tasks.

Any ideas??

I can do it with a To-Do Task but I would like to use the other FlexiTask functionalitiets (like reminder) aswell.