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Workflow failing on a delay

Question asked by usthvalia on Apr 9, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by usthvalia

Here's a strange problem I can not explain. I had a workflow set up that was working fine for a few weeks and suddenly stopped working, and the point it is failing is not making any sense.


Here's a breakdown of the process.


When an Item is created on the list it starts the workflow.

  1. Request Approval (8 Recipients 3 Needs to approve)
  2. If Approved Update a Status field on the list item
  3. Request Approval (Different audience, 11 Recipients First Vote Applies)
  4. Remainder of workflow ....


As mentioned earlier this worked fine for a few weeks then suddenly workflows started failing. So we started the hunt, I then found that the Tasks created on the Second approval are created in a 'completed' state, so when a recipient attempts to approve they can't as the item is completed, and the workflow fails.


So I though maybe there is a timing issue here, I then added a delay before the second approval. First run through the workflow it fails again but this time on the delay not the second approval.


Any ideas of suggestions here please ?