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Validation rule on custom javascript dropdown

Question asked by ehealthsk on Apr 8, 2015
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I'm having an issue with my Nintex form. I am having an issue with a validation rule that goes against a field that I change with custom javascript. Basically I have a lookup field where they choose an "Organization" and that field cascades a List Lookup field in a repeated section called Facility Name which is loaded via a rest call using custom JavaScript.



Select an Organization - List Lookup Field


Repeated Section

FacilityLookup - List Lookup Field (Filtered by custom JavaScript)

End Repeated Section



I have a simple validation rule:



The issue is when I pick an Organization and then a FacilityLookup (filtered by custom JS) the validation rule will not turn off, however, if I don't pick an organization and just change the FacilityLookup field the validator will not turn off. Is there an issue with using the OOB validators and custom JavaScript on the same control?


I tried using a JavaScript validation on that control but then I lost all my other validators on the page as well.