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Flexi Task "Escalate: Complete after 2 days" not working

Question asked by gilang_bh on Apr 5, 2015
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Continuing my question a few days ago about how to change the status of a flexi task into "Complete" (this thread), I have used the "escalate" function on my flexi task which will automatically complete the task if it has not been approved for two days.


My purpose for creating the escalation process is to design this business process :


  1. "ATF document" is verified by Logistic HQ team (already working fine in another flexi task before this one).
  2. "ATF document" will be reviewed by a regional team for two days, and then the document will be forwarded to AMG team in HQ.
  3. However, should the Logistic HQ want to skip or fast forward the review process, they can bypass the two days review process and forward the document to AMG immediately.


To simulate the step 2 and 3, I used Flexi Task with the title "Skip 2 Day Review Process", assigned it to Logistic HQ, then used the delegate function to automatically complete the flexi task after 2 days with the outcome "Continue".


However, the escalation process is not run at all, and the flexi task is still there waiting to be completed manually by Logistic HQ.

I have not set any reminders though. Should I?


Here is my configuration for the flexi task:

flexi task.png


And here is my configuration for the escalation process after 2 days:




Thank you very much.