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How to use Delegating the task form one user to another user in nintex?

Question asked by gurunathan on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by sharepointfrancois

I'm developing infopath forms.there are three level of approves they are given below.


Employee Request the form

1. Department Manager ( first level approve- testuser_1 )

2. Admin Manager ( second level approve- testuser_2)

3. Manager ( third level approve- testuser_3)


now admin manager is on leave for 3 days. so admin manager delegating the task to (Temp Admin Manager- testuser_4).


i'm using nintex workflow without asign flexi task.


I try below method but its not working for me.   


* Activate the drop down from the logged-in user name link at the top of a page.   

* Mouse-over Nintex Workflow 2013 then click on Task Delegation.   

* Click on Delegate tasks to a user between specific dates.


how to use delegate task. please tell how to delegate task step by step.