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migrating a site collection (with Nintex WF and forms) from one farm to the other

Question asked by jherschel on Apr 1, 2015
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We currently have a site collection in our DEV farm which has a few Nintex Workflows.  We backed up and restored to our QA farm.  I don't expect to have all the history of the workflows ,but we were hoping the Workflow and Workflow forms would be intact and we could re-import if need be.


But, upon opening, the Workflow looked fine, but we could not open up any Workflow forms, it would crash.


I came across the Restoring Site Collections document which is 8 pages.


Isn't there any easier way to migrate a site collection from one farm to another?


Shouldn't we be able to backup, restore, delete the workflows and forms and re-import them?



J Herschel