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Regarding use of Flexi-Task and multiple approvers...

Question asked by bunkywitz on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 2, 2015 by bunkywitz

I am using a Flexi-Task action with as many as 6 approvers, and if any of the approvers selects Reject, I want the workflow to send a notification and end. Following is my set-up, and questions to follow:

  • OutcomeAchieved variable gets set to "No" if any approver Rejects. I want this to send a notification and End the Workflow, or else continue on to the next Switch if higher levels of approval are needed.


Assign Flexi Task.jpg


  • With this set-up, how does it trigger the "Reject" branch of the Flexi-Task? Will it happen if any approver "Rejects"?
  • Or, do I need to set a condition on the "Approve" branch to check the "OutcomeAchieved" = "no" and program accordingly?
  • An example workflow diagram to handle this would be helpful.


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