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Hide/unhide panel based on drop down from reapeating section

Question asked by adrianaprodan on Mar 31, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2017 by jkweaver

In a repeating section I have a drop down list with all the countries of the world, as choices. I need to hide/unhide a panel based on the choice from the control with the countries. I need to unhide the panel if one of the following 4 countries is selected: Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and France.

I have tried with control!="Gemany" || control!="Netherlands" || control!="United Kingdom" || control!="France" ; I have also tried using not(equal()) but nothing seems to work properly.

and there's also the situation when adding the new item in the repeating section that the country could be different .. so i need to have the panel shown if at leats one of the lines contains one of the 4 mentioned countries.


Have you evere encountered this issue? do you have any ideas or suggestions?



thank you so so much