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Including list item names in email notifications

Question asked by charlie3 on Mar 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by burkslm

Hello I want to create a notification to notify the person responsible when their task is nearly due (5 days prior to due date) and the item status is "in progress" but not "completed".

I have created a list on the sharepoint site with columns for the person's name, item status, item name, due date and a reminder date (the reminder date is calculated based on the column containing the due date).


Right now I created a site workflow which is scheduled to send out emails to the person responsible 5 days prior to due date. I managed to do this by creating and scheduling a site workflow with a list query that queries for items with item status = "in progress" and with reminder date = "current date". It returns the person responsible as the result. (person responsible is stored in a variable of type collection which is referred to by the send notification function to send emails.


Even though I can send emails my problem is I cannot tell the person the name of the item that's due. I cannot seem to extract the names of the items due from the list and attach it to the specific email. Nor can I extract the name of the person responsible and attach it to the email (I have previously tried to return the names of the items due from the list query in conjunction with the names of the person responsible but when I try to include it to the email it sends the all of the names of the items due to everyone even though the item might not be associated to the person. I have looked at inserting references but I cannot find anything which allows me to insert references from the list when I am using a site workflow. (And I have previously experimented with a list workflow and it can extract the names of the items due and append it to the email but due to problems with scheduling the workflow it is not a viable option anymore)


I was just wondering if this can actually be done with a site workflow? Thanks