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Hidden People Picker doesn't show up fully when it is shown.

Question asked by bmyers on Mar 27, 2015
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I have a people picker on my form for the user to insert an approver for the request. The user only needs to enter an approver under certain scenarios. The people picker starts hidden and if the user enters info that requires an approval then the people picker is shown. I do this with a rule and the rule responds correctly. It is not the only control associated to that rule and all the other controls show correctly, but the people picker control doesn't show fully. There is just a thin horizontal gray line that hi-lights blue when you hover over it. You can click into the box (more like a line) when it is blue and type. You can't see anything you are typing because the box isn't big enough. The auto fill box that the people picker control has shows up, but shows up vertically with each letter of the name on separate lines.


I have tried:

  • putting the control in a panel with other controls that need to be hidden and applying the rule to the panel
  • putting it in its own panel (instead of the one with other controls i am hiding) and applying the rule to that panel too
  • not putting it in a panel and just using the rule to hide it
  • hiding it with jquery


The work around that I have in place now (which is absolutely horrible) is to always show the control, and put an empty label over top of it with the same color as the background. When I need to show the control I hide the label and when I need to hide the control I show the label. this doesn't shrink the space when its hidden (since its not really hidden)


I have attached pictures of what I am talking about. One shows just the picker, one shows it when it is highlighted (so you can see it better) the last shows when typing and what the suggestions look like.


Nintex Forms 2010

SharePoint 2010