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Nintex Workflows and Approvals

Question asked by rtm on Mar 27, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2015 by rtm

I'm using a flexi task to notify an approver chosen from a dropdown list during form submission. An additional user request is that anyone else in that same list\approval role should also be able to approve the form if necessary.


I see that AD groups and SharePoint groups can be assigned to be approvers in the flexi task with an option to not send a review request to a secondary set of approvers. The members of the approval list run across our existing AD group and SharePoint group security model so that's out. Is it possible to associate all additional members in the lookup list described above as approvers and not send those individuals the review request while still sending a request to the selected list member?


Thanks for any suggestions or references on how I might get started on a solution to this.