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Nintex Forms and Attachments

Question asked by rtm on Mar 27, 2015
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Has anyone found solutions to any of the following that they'd be willing to share?


1) Multiple attachments in different form locations - The behavior I'm seeing is that the default approvereject.aspx page attaches all the documents at the bottom of that review page in a non-differentiated list, there's no way of telling which topic area the attachment(s) are meant to support. When I export a copy of the original input form and modify it for use as a custom approval form the attachments aren't visible on that custom approval page at all.

Any suggestions on how to best attach multiple documents supporting different subject areas on a Nintex form and display them to approvers during review as read only files in the same location they are in on the input form?


2) Is the list library the only option when including multiple attachments on a Nintex form? Form libraries and Document libraries don't seem to have an attachment feature. Am I missing something? <certainly possible>


3) When opening an attachment in IE 11 from the original item in the list library (converted to read only during approval), or when opening for approval from the approval request email, it's possible to click the edit Document button in Word and save changes. Something the auditors will have a field day with for this particular family of forms and workflows. Can that be avoided?


Thanks for any feedback.


Migrating InfoPath 2007 forms to sp 2013 on prem with Nintex Forms and WF.