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Workflow failed to start in one web application but works in other?

Question asked by bhutim on Mar 26, 2015
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Guys, I need all the help I can get and I know this is the best place to be looking. My environment is setup with 3 servers, 2 WFE and 1 App server.

On the past weekend the guys were installing CU updates and something went wrong that they did not finish and when we came on Monday we were having issues with InfoPath forms etc. While they were trying to fix that issue they eventually stopped the 2nd WFE which fixed the InfoPath because the updates were ran on the 2 servers App and 1 Web.

Now I have 3 Web Applications and all 2 of them their Nintex Workflows are running fine but in one Web Application which is the biggest one, all my Nintex Workflows are failing immediately as you start with the error that Workflow Failed to start and then saying it was cancelled by the system account.

In this same Web App I also cannot publish workflows as I get an error but in the other 2 I can publish workflows.


Now I am not too techie but to me it looks like the one Web App is actually using the server that is down at the moment is this true? My initial understanding of 2 WFE was that they handle each other's loads.


Is there a way to change the one Web App and tell it to use the WFE server that is actually working?


The problem with the other server is that the upgrade for CU updates is failing and when we bring it up all forms get broken so which is why it is switched off.





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