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Can you change the content type of an item in a Nintex workflow on a list that has 2 content types?

Question asked by anokacounty on Mar 24, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by jfavr1

I am trying to implement a SharePoint site request process.  Would like to manage it all from 1 SharePoint list.  I have 2 content types on the list.  The default content type contains the items required to capture information about the request.  The other content type has the same fields at the default content type, but has additional values for an administrator to add more inforamtion, assign the task and update the status.  Would also need to have dashboards: one for requestors to see the status of the request,  another one for administrators to see tasks assigned to them or requests that are unassigned.


I've researched how to possible make this process work.  And what I can find is that you use SharePoint designer to change the content type of the list item from the workflow.  I am unable to find where you can use a Nintex workflow to do the same thing.


I have a Nintex workflow that starts when an item is created.  I would like the workflow to change the content type of the item to another content type of the list.


What makes this scenario complicated is that I would not like the requestor to be able to update the status of the request or assign an 'Assigned To'.  How do I only allow certain individuals (administrators / maintenance team members) to do those changes.