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Using the Query User Profile action, it's not bringing back multiple items. What am I doing wrong?

Question asked by on Mar 24, 2015
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I have a basic list that I want when a user is selected, the rest of the list is filed out based on profile properties. The workflow works great, minus it not bringing back multiple items for certain fields.


I have my workflow variables. the ones that have multiple selections are set to "Collection" as what I read it should be to get more than one item.




Then my workflow has two action items... Query User Profile where I pick the profile options to match my variables.

And then to Update Item to sync up my list with what is filled in the variables based on what is queried in the User Profile.




When workflow runs, the results only have the first item for Skills, Education, and Interests. It adds the comma like it knows there should be more... but nothing else.



What am I doing wrong? Doesn't seem like I'm missing anything.