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Moving a branch of a FlexiTask doesn't save correctly

Question asked by hairydrumroll on Mar 23, 2015


I have a number of FlexiTasks, each with only two possible outcomes: Approve or Reject.

To make the layout of my workflow visually easier to follow I have attempted to move some branches so that the Approve branch is on the left for all FlexiTasks and the Reject branch is on the right for all FlexiTasks.

When Save, Publish, Close, and reopen the workflow, some of the branch identifies have been swapped, with Approve on the right and Reject on the left - but, the activities underneath that branch didn't swap and the Reject events now appear under Approve and vice-versa.


Nintex Workflow 2010 v2.4.0.0

(Hi Warwick Ward, can I get you to have a look at this?)